Writing is the magical vehicle we use to give shape to our own experience by expressing our ideas more authentically. By writing, we unmask ourselves, peel away layers of adaptation and reactivity, and say "This is who I am."

In my classes, you learn to draw on all of the senses
seeing, hearing, feeling, touching, tastingand to create a three-dimensional world; you awaken to words, to their aura, color, vibrancy and weight; you awaken to yourselves.

The meditations and guided imagery that I offer move you beyond the thinking mind; exercises help to loosen, free up and move your thoughts into a place of imagination and memory. Subsequent freewrite and creativity exercises evoke new insights, create patterns and associations and lead to writing that is whole and cohesive. Inspirational prompts on point of view, characterization, dialogue and story structure are accompanied by pertinent examples from literature.

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