• Careful, accurate and thorough
  • Attention to detail, nuance, and syntax
  • Ability to rework and restructure language so that it flows
  • Excellent eye for organization and sequence
  • Skilled at infusing material with freshness, coherence and energy

Whether "cleaning up" meandering sentences, fragments or passive voice, I am experienced at helping to turn all kinds of writing into smooth, natural expression. I have edited countless theses,dissertations - from science to expressive therapies to education - and many articles, brochures and books, one on the philosophy of Kant. My work as an editor for Book Wise, inc. deepened my ability to proofread and critique with style and accuracy. As a teacher of writing, I am constantly invited to improve and energize my students’ writing by making helpful suggestions.

As a copywriter, I create interesting and compelling written materials, no matter the length or subject. I can transform any material into vibrant, vivid prose (or poetry, if desired).

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